Partners & Collaborators

The House of Busby

In support of violence against women Guess Jeans were sold less 10% on the 27 April 2016. The 10% proceeds of the sales were donated to POWA to support survivors and their children staying at POWA Places of Safety. Women and girls were requested to donate their Guess jeans in support of the abovementioned project. On the 27 May 2016, 254 jeans were donated to POWA. The jeans are given to survivors at the shelter. Other jeans are sold to staff and the public to generate funds for the shelter. To date the funds from the sales are R 5 290.00 .
Buy a Guess Jean at POWA and support a survivor and her child. Contact
Thank you House of Busby for your donation and to all the women and girls who donated their jeans to POWA.


The company has donated 20 online computer training to 20 survivors at POWA places of safety.
Survivors at POWA places of safety for have access to the training for 1 year.Thank you iLearn for  your donation. 


In 2016 L’Oréal Professional African Salon Institute offered POWA a pilot partnership programme, where 5 survivors receive scholarships to study Hair Care for eight months.  The course cost R50000 for each women, including tuition and equipment.  The women are also provided with R1000 transport per month.  Although this program has been running in other parts of the world, it is the first for L’Oréal in our continent and South Africa is lucky to be the first country in Africa to benefit.Many survivors especially those who are accommodated at POWA shelters are unskilled and unemployed.   Financial dependence on the abusive partner is one of the other factors that keep women in abusive relationships. The programme is a huge step that strengthens survivors ability to break the cycle of abuse.  L’Oréal course promises women job placements, start their own hair care businesses and start a cooperative for all the survivors in the programme. The programme also provides space for survivors to mentor other who will join the programme once the first group has completed the course.   

Thank you L’Oréal for this wonderful opportunity to change the lives of women at POWA places of safety.  Initiatives and partnerships like these makes our effort as an organisation to support survivors of abuse real.

Joe Public Johannesburg

South Africa has one of the highest incidences of domestic violence in the world. And, sadly, domestic violence is the most common and widespread human rights abuse in South Africa. Every day, women are murdered, physically and sexually assaulted, threatened and humiliated by their partners, within their own homes. Organisations estimate that one out of every six women in South Africa is regularly assaulted by her partner. In at least 46 per cent of cases, the men involved also abuse the children living with the woman. We wanted to tactically use the horoscope pages that are a daily feature of The Times newspaper to emphasise the high rate of woman abuse in South Africa.  We did this by changing each of the star predictions’ text slightly on the horoscope to communicate that the likelihood (due to the frightening statistics of women abuse in South Africa) of the readers being abused in the future is high.The opportunity to create the ad came during the Times Creative Challenge, a Times Media initiative that challenges agencies around South Africa to create tactical newspaper ads that are based on relevant news stories. Our entry was not only selected as the winning entry of that week, but it went on to win the overall Times Creative Challenge.

 The cost to book the full page ad in The Times newspaper for the Horoscopes was R97 000. 

Mzansi Women’s Film Festival

POWA collaborated with Mzansi Women’s Festival from the 5 August 2016 to screen the film Alison at Constitutional Hill.  The movie:  A triumphant True Tale of Monsters, Miracles and Hope. The film is adapted from the book, I have Life: Alison’s Journey.

Thank you to Alison Botha, Uga Lisa Carlini and Mzansi Women’s Festival for the collaboration.