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SHARE YOUR STORY ON AVON’S My Story Matters #watchmenow CAMPAIGN

Avon is a proud sponsor of POWA and in line with their long-standing commitment to advancing the empowerment of women, has launched a global campaign known as My Story Matters. The campaign is calling for 1 million people worldwide to share their stories to create the globe’s biggest ever digital gallery of stories celebrating women and their victories! Stories will be gathered from now until the end of March 2021.

Through this platform, Avon intends to give women a voice and provide them with an opportunity to tell their own stories and lived experiences.

Please join the campaign and share your story of how you have overcome challenges and obstacles, beaten the odds, exceeded expectations, stepped into your own power and became your own person and won!

Your story can be small, personal triumphs or big achievements. It really doesn’t matter. The topics are wide-ranging and can be about family life, career, hobbies and interests, health and personal relationships.

We are looking for stories that show strength, grit, determination and overcoming barriers to achieve what you, or someone else, never thought possible. And not just the big things but the small achievements every day. Just tell us your experience and write from the heart! Not only will you gain a sense of courage and pride by expressing your journey, but you’ll also help others triumph over adversity.

You can share your story at:

Click here to view the How-To-Guide and Location Settings Guide for information on how to participate in the My Story Matters campaign.  

This campaign is not just a collection of stories for the sake of it. Through this initiative, the Avon Foundation will donate $1 for each story shared to non-governmental organisations that work with women. This means the more stories that are gathered and shared, the more funds can be generated to fund causes that fight against gender-based violence and femicide.

The importance of a campaign such as this one cannot be overemphasised. Femicide is five times higher in South Africa than the global average, with South Africa having the fourth highest female  interpersonal violence death rate of the 183 countries listed by the World Health Organisation in 2016.

We urge you to make a difference and create a better place for us all by donating your story!  

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