Need info here, why volunteer, what kind of work do volunteers do?

POWA’s Volunteer programme works to:
  • Develop a reliable professional volunteer base that will broaden and strengthen all programmes and the initiatives of the Organisation,
  • Engage volunteers to work on programmes and projects that will raise awareness, educate and sensitize men and communities to issues of violence against women, and mobilise their support and action to combat gender-based violence,
  • Use the enthusiasm of all citizens and our communities, capacitate and channel their passion in a way that benefits women experiencing violence and abuse in South Africa.

How else can you get involved?

Any donations are welcome but here is a list of things that we always need:

  • Women’s clothing, make-up, shoes
  • Children’s clothing, school uniforms
  • Women’s work clothes (especially black skirts and white shirts)
  • Running shoes and active wear (for self-defence classes)
  • Books, specifically self-help books

We are always looking for people with HR, marketing or legal experience who are willing to donate some of their time.

Please call our head office on 011 642 4345/6 if you would like to volunteer or donate items.